Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most famous hotels in the world. When it opened in 2010, it was regarded then as the World’s most expensive hotel in terms of what it cost to build. $ 8 Billion (USD) for a mega property in the heart of Singapore that has a total of 2561 Hotel rooms, a convention centre, casino and a mall.

Marina Bay Sands is located in Singapore.


Marina Bay Sands is an upmarket 5 Star hotel, located in Marina Bay, Singapore. It is known by many by nicknames like the “Face of Singapore” or the “Boat Hotel”. It is also currently the most Instagramed Hotel in the World.

Marina Bay Sands has an excellent location in the heart of Singapore.

It has an excellent location in the heart of Singapore, surrounded by a lot of Singapore’s main attractions. It is also right next to the Formula One Marina Bay Street Circuit track, which can be viewed very easily from the roof terrace. The hotel is made up of three towers that have 55 floors each and a roof terrace on floor 56 that links all the towers together.

Marina Bay Sands is located a walking distance away from a lot of Singapore’s tourists attractions.

The designing of the hotel was inspired by a deck of cards, which is symbolic of the World famous Casino it has within the hotel as well.

Marina Bay Sands at night as seen from the Helix Bridge.

The bottom floor is where the mall is situated. It is called “The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands”. It is quite large at 74 000 square meters and has lots of exclusive branded shops as well as a food court. A canal runs through the mall, of which you can take boat rides (Sampan) if you wish to admire the beauty from a tiny boat rather than on foot.

Marina Bay Sands seen from the Singapore Flyer.

The entertainment areas include a Casino, which is the World’s largest Atrium casino, two theatres, a museum and a large convention centre which can be used to host events.

A million things more can be discussed over a million days about Marina Bay Sands, but lets get straight into looking at what the hotel has to offer.

The Hotel

A total of 2561 hotel rooms are spread across the three towers. These include many different room types. One side of Marina Bay Sands faces the Singapore harbour and the other faces the City of Singapore. You can select a room facing the side you prefer the most.

Marina Bay Sands has 2561 Hotel rooms within it’s three towers.

Both sides of the views are gorgeous and you will get panoramic views from all the directions from the roof terrace anyway.

Both sides of the windows in the hotel rooms have great views.

Marina Bay Sands can be booked through a lot of different online booking platforms or travel agencies, except if you sign up to their newsletter on their website, they have specials quite frequently if you book directly with them.

IMPORTANT: Marina Bay Sands allows check-in from 3pm only and you have to check-out by 11am on your day of check-out which differs slightly from the norm that most hotels use.

There are MANY different choices of hotel rooms available which include five different premier, deluxe and club room options, as well as ten different suite options.

My room was booked with the following details:

Deluxe King Sky View (Without breakfast) for a price of S$ 622.63 per night (Singapore Dollars)

Is it easy to find?

Getting to Marina Bay Sands is quite simple. It is connected almost directly to Singapore’s world class train system. This is also connected to the airport and almost every other place in Singapore.


The lobby is very large and has many different areas that are very well marked as well as with lots of staff around to help you with any queries. There were about ten staff members at desks checking in guests and although all were busy, I was attended to within a minutes wait.

Since my room was a “Sky view” I was given a room on floor 53. Rooms on the higher floors always cost more. I also requested a City view room which the kind gentleman arranged for me as well. In less than five minutes, I was given my key card and directed to Tower 3, where my room was located. For security purposes, all elevators will only function with a valid key card.

Inside the Hotel Room

Although not the most exclusive room choice compared to what’s available in the hotel, what struck me immediately was the attention to detail on all the fittings. How almost every item looked tailor made to fit exactly in a way that serves function and does not clutter as well. The ceilings are also very high which always gives a more specious feel.

Sky View rooms are located on the highest floors and cost more.

While personally not my favourite colour theme, it matched the style of the hotel which is consistent throughout. The room was spotlessly clean and had a unique scent.

There were plugs, pins and USB chargers at five different locations in the room, and the one on the desk had a push-down mechanism to save space.

The seating area in the Deluxe Sky View Room.

There was also a fully stocked payable mini-bar as well as free basic refreshments that included, water bottles, coffees with creamers and a choice of different teas.

The complimentary refreshments.

The Bathroom

The bathroom and toilet were both in one room with a spacious open plan arrangement. There are also a very large amount of towels available. Way more than needed.

There are marble fittings throughout the whole bathroom with a walk-in shower, which had tremendous water pressure πŸ˜‰

The toilet and shower were located together in an open plan arrangement.

There were also items like shaving kits, tooth brushes, shower caps and a hairdryer provided as well.

There are marble fittings throughout the bathroom.

The View

Marina Bay Sands can’t be regarded as one of the best hotels in the World with just a luxury room and great service. The view has to be spot on as well πŸ˜‰

Since I selected a city view, I had a view of Singapore’s skyline. The view is great in the day, but much more impressive at night.

The city view from floor 53 of Marina Bay Sands.

The view is much more impressive at night.

The buildings stay lit the whole night so nothing goes away πŸ˜‰

Luckily you won’t need to choose between the luxury room and the view, as you will have both πŸ˜‰

The World Famous Infinity Pool

And now ladies and gentlemen..

The main event, and one thing that makes Marina Bay Sands World famous. Voted by the TripAdvisor community as the no.1 Infinity pool in the World.

Located on the roof terrace, 56 floors high is Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool.

Marina Bay Sands infinity pool has been voted by the TripAdvisor community as the No.1 Infinity pool in the World.

To put it lightly, the pool is almost always buzzing with activity from the time it opens before sunrise, right till it closes at night.

The entire roof is made up of many different areas, of which the pool is on one side and the Skypark is on the other side. The pool can only be accessed by residents of the hotel as there is a card entrance turnstile.

The pool opens before sunrise and closes in the night so that you can view both the sunrise and the sunset.

There is no diving allowed in the pool πŸ˜‰

There are other areas within the pool area which you can relax in if you had enough the pool. There are three Jacuzzi like smaller pools on the other side giving you a view of the Gardens by the Bay.

There are a lot of other smaller pools on the other side of the tower giving you a different view.

Breakfast is served on the roof terrace. There area also many staff members walking around throughout the entire pool deck that take orders for refreshments and bring them to you.

The staff also supply you with heated towels and replace them at your seat quite frequently. You can also take as many as you want πŸ˜‰

Staff members walk around all the time to supply you with refreshments and heated towels.

There is also a deck with a DJ that plays music which can be heard throughout the whole roof terrace. It’s not very loud, so you can still speak to people.

The pool closes in the night, so you will have enough time to sink in views from all the different times of the day.

Check out

This was the easiest check out in history for me. You simply take your keycard and put it in the “Check-out” box and walk out of the hotel πŸ˜‰

Is that all?

Absolutely not. While I didn’t fully do justice to all the facilities at Marina Bay Sands. Others may enjoy taking a walk in the Skypark, which is also available to the public. I also did not go into the casino, or check-out the museum, theatres or the restaurant.

Also, with the huge selection of luxury suites available and Mall at the bottom floor, there is certainly more than enough for everyone.


Hotel Room Comfort: Excellent. Attention to detail on all the fixtures and fittings, as well as the general feel of quality throughout the whole building is clearly noticeable.

Hotel Service: The staff are all well trained and professional. From the guy checking me in, to the guy giving out heated towels, to the lady at the pool entrance. FIVE Star service.

Hotel Facilities: The infinity pool steals the show. The only problem is that the breakfast and refreshments are quite overpriced. To add to that, the food court at the mall at the bottom did not really have many food choices that appealed to me. But that’s somehow the last thing you will ever think off πŸ˜‰

Hotel Location: Perfect. Walking distance to all the main attractions in Singapore and located next to a metro stop for anything else.

Overall Rating: 9.5 / 10.

Marina Bay Sands is one the best hotels in the world for a reason. They score well on almost anything that every staying guest could need. The hotel is stunning from the way it looks right down to every fitting in the rooms. After all, who wouldn’t like a little bit of luxury now and then? πŸ˜‰

Shuayb Ismail

Shuayb Ismail is an entrepreneur, frequent traveller and athlete with a passion for self-development and improvement.


  • Fabulous review. Great hotel. Outstanding location to explore other areas of interests in Singapore. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  • Thanks πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ I hope you are going to try it on your next stop to Singapore..

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