Sometimes it’s so nice to wake up late on a relaxed Saturday morning with no plans at all and nothing on your mind. There can’t be much better than two full days at a beach hotel on a summer weekend. You can hear the soft sound of voices and cutlery from the pool deck outside where all the hotel guests are having breakfast. You open the curtains and the blue skies and bright morning sun put a huge smile on your face.

When you are relaxed and have lots of time, breakfast always tends to go better. The waffles taste better, the fruit seems fresher. Relaxing in the sun in the hotel pool area in the perfect spot of your choice is something nobody can refuse.

The comfortable sun loungers, the many choices of ice-creams on the menu, the view of all the children playing on the water slides as the thin spray of cool water hits you.

Walking on the beach after that seems just as good. When you walk in the shallow water with waves of cool sea water gently hitting against your feet, you never tend to feel the true distance that you walk no matter how far it is.

The life guards are watching all the swimmers. The surfers are running with their surf boards into the water. Loud music is coming from the car park with all the families having fun.

Then there will always be that random restaurant that you come across with the perfect location. The view of the whole shore and the mountains next to you. Para-gliders landing on the beach in front of you like birds in the sky.

It feels so relaxed. It’s as if nothing else matters in the world. No problems seem to exist, or have existed. Your mind is in a total state of freedom.

As the sun goes down and the night lights start to shine bright and colourful, you get the feeling that the fun is only about to begin.

The next day you wake up at sunrise. The sunrise is nice and early in the summer, and 5am already seems like 8am. You open the curtains to the most gorgeous sunrise you have seen in a while. You open the window. Utter silence except for the crashing of waves on the sand.

On your way to the beach, you have the entire hotel lobby and pool area to yourself. It strikes you right now at that point with you being the only one there, how beautiful the whole setup is. Chairs stacked away, so much more space in the pool area without anyone there. The sunrise is still in the background.

On your way to the beachfront you have the streets all to yourself. All the people at the stalls, all the locals and tourists, all gone. You see a completely different version of what you thought was a beach town you had fully seen. You sip on your bottle of water before you take a swim in the calm sea water. You have the entire beach to yourself, apart from the colourful fish which are all around you in the shallow water.

As you return to the hotel, you immediately feel fresher. Breakfast time had just started, which you have all to yourself as well. You take your time and start off with an omelette with cheese.

After a much needed shower, with the great start to the day already, you feel for something different. You feel feel full of energy, and full of courage as you look at the Paragliding counter on the beach. Why look at all the para-gliders when you can be the one doing it? The drive up to the starting point was an experience enough, but what came after the leap off the starting line was the true life-lasting experience that can never be taken away from you.

After landing on the beach, you look at the broad sunshine and you know you have to take advantage of the great weather and experience more of the view you had just witnessed.

The hike up to the viewpoint was more challenging than you expected, you take a few seconds on your way up and look in the distance below you at the shore where all the life guards and surfers are on the beach along with all the other people. When you reach the top of the viewpoint, you are amazed at the distance you covered in such a short space of time. The sense of accomplishment is priceless. You take your time and enjoy the view.

You now start to feel a bit tired. The sun has taken it’s toll on you. As soon as you get back to your hotel, you smile at the exhausted person you see in the mirror and think about how worth it all the effort was. As you relax on the couch, you think about your high paced day and try to figure out what you liked the most. You can’t. Maybe it’s because you are tired. Maybe it’s because so much happened. Maybe it’s because your day was so different to how your days usually are. Maybe it’s because your day was so different to how most people’s days actually are. Maybe there’s no reason that matters, except how you feel right now.

As the sun went down, you step outside for a walk on the beach and you come across a parked Porsche 911 Turbo. A happy couple are next to it and admiring it already. The lady says “Oooh what a lovely car” and the man says “Oooh what an expensive car”.

Shuayb Ismail

Shuayb Ismail is an entrepreneur, frequent traveller and athlete with a passion for self-development and improvement.


  • I greatly enjoy reading all about your travels ….you manage to inform…entertain and capture my interests in the destinations you visit!
    I especially enjoyed your last piece as it offered a refreshing perspective of your travels.
    May i ask ,how is it that you have not featured local South African destinations in your diary of travels?
    You live in a country that is world renowned for its beauty …from nature reserves to rolling shorelines… there hope for a local piece soon???
    I await….agog with anticipation….

  • Thaaaaaanks so much šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒ I hope that always stays that way!! The South African destinations are all going to start dropping VERY SOON šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰

  • Your assessments on your travels are on point. I love the way you capture in detail all the places of interest. Best wishes in your travels.. Can’t wait for the next review.. Most helpful

  • Thaaaaaanks so much šŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒ I really appreciate that! As long as it can benefit you in some way šŸ˜‰

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