The Harbour Grand, Kowloon

Travel has so many benefits. Going through with all the preparation before, and going through with all the challenges you face as your travel journey continues. Yet so many of us love it. I suppose it’s both the journey and the destination.

A very debated topic amongst travellers is someone’s own version of what they look for when selecting a hotel. Price, comfort, location…

Everyone has their own set of needs for their own version of freedom, but my dear friends, one thing is certain. We all have to pick somewhere to stay at some point 😉

Hong Kong has quite a large number of premier hotels, while the budget market isn’t exactly the best in the world.

One of those premier hotels is the Harbour Grand, Kowloon.

How great is the Harbour Grand, Kowloon?

Lets take a look..


The Harbour Grand is a franchise which operates two hotels in Hong Kong. One of the hotels is on Hong Kong Island. This particular one is on Kowloon Island and situated on the Kowloon waterfront.

The hotel is therefore in an excellent location for touring Hong Kong as it is at the very centre and close to many of Hong Kong’s attractions. You can take a look at my article for Hong Kong here.

The hotel is also steps away from the Whampoa Train station, which is part of Hong Kong’s World leading public transport systems.

That automatically has a huge advantage as public transport throughout your whole trip, including the airport will be very simple if you are based here.

The Harbour Grand, Kowloon is located in central Hong Kong.

Hotel Facts and Facilities

This Five Star hotel has over 900 guest rooms which include superior and premium rooms, as well as Presidential suites.

The Harbour Grand, Kowloon has Five different restaurants, with different dining options. One of those restaurants are used for breakfast for all guests every morning.

There is a fully fitted fitness centre located on the top floor as well as a world famous rooftop pool and terrace. There is a Club Lounge available for premium guests which can also be used to host meetings and events. There are also Spa and beauty services available at the hotel.

The lobby of the Harbour Grand, Kowloon.

Check in

As soon as you enter the hotel, the door is opened for you by a staff member, who will welcome you with a big smile.

There was no queue when I arrived, and the front desk had three staff members.

I was helped by a man named Andrew, who copied my passport, prepared my room key card and finalised my check-in all in under sixty seconds flat!

It’s great that some hotels like these prioritise time when checking in and out.

Inside the Presidential Suite

I had booked a Presidential Suite. This is quite a large hotel and has two Presidential suites. Mine was the smaller of the two. The other covers most of the hotel floor and has two floors within the room itself.

I must say.. The best looking door I’ve ever seen in my life 😉

The first thing I noticed was the extremely high ceilings, which always gives you a more spacious feeling. (This is also the case with jet air-planes). There was attention to detail in almost all the fixtures and fittings. The floor carpet seemed so thick and luxury that I almost felt bad walking on it 😉

This Presidential Suite had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There was also lots of seating areas throughout the whole suite.

The Harbour Grand, Kowloon Presidential Suite Bedroom with two single beds.

Each bedroom had a walk-in closet with automatic lights that went on and off as you walked in or out.

There is also a private sauna located in the main bedroom.

The whole Presidential Suite has panoramic views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

The Bathroom

There were two bathrooms in the suite. One was in the main bedroom and the other opposite the second bedroom and dining area. Both the bathrooms were stocked with Elemis toiletries that were all replaced daily. It was the first time that I used the Elemis products and they seemed quite good quality to me.

Each of the two bathrooms are stocked and replaced daily with Elemis toiletries.

Both the bathrooms had jacuzzi’s.

Each of the bathrooms have double basins.

The Rooftop Terrace

Since the hotel is located on the Kowloon waterfront, you have excellent views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. Even at night, all the buildings light up to give you a fantastic view.

The Rooftop terrace is on the same floor as the pool, except it’s down a small staircase, and a result it has much less people. Most people prefer the seating area near the pool which also has equally stunning views of the harbour.

There is also a bar on the terrace which you can get drinks or refreshments.

The Harbour Grand, Kowloon has an excellent terrace which gives you great views of Victoria Harbour at day or night.

The Rooftop Pool

No Five Star hotel will be complete without an exclusive pool area 😉

This was my personal highlight of the whole hotel. The pool area is located on the rooftop and is open to guests from early in the morning till quite late. The main pool is quite big, and there are also smaller Jacuzzi type’s of pools nearby.

The area is spaced out quite well with tons of seating options and sun-loungers.

The Harbour Grand, Kowloon pool area.

On one side of the pool is a full glass wall, of which you can view the harbour from inside the pool, and you can also see inside the whole pool from the outside.

Hotel Service

All-round excellent. Not only with me, but every staff member spoke to guests politely. There’s also a concierge service available to guests to book tours and tickets and for any other general information.

Check out

This was one of the quickest and simplest Check-out experiences I’ve ever experienced. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Hi, I would like to check out please”

Man: “Of course, Can I have your room number please?

Me: [Room number]

Man: “Thanks, Do you need a taxi?”

Simple as that 😉 Completed in ten seconds!


The problem with Hong Kong’s exclusive Five Star hotel market is that majority of them are overpriced by my standards. Those prices go even higher in the summer months.

While not really the best and most exclusive Five Star hotel in Hong Kong, the Harbour Grand, Kowloon definitely falls into the category of “One of the best”.

In terms of the value, location, facilities and service, it is all-round excellent. I personally felt the decor and fittings to be quite dated and had a 90’s feel to it. The good news about that is they have already started renovating some of the rooms.

The potential though.. Is great.

Overall rating: 8.1/10

Shuayb Ismail

Shuayb Ismail is an entrepreneur, frequent traveller and athlete with a passion for self-development and improvement.


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