Renaissance, Izmir

Many forms of travel start with the thought of a luxury hotel. As soon as someone mentions Singapore, the first thing that crosses many people’s minds is the iconic Marina Bay Sands. There’s so much out there for people to add to their travel experiences than just touring attractions.

I suppose every traveller will have their own personal story of that one great experience at a hotel they visited somewhere throughout the world.

Ironically, many of us travellers always attempt to get a similar experience.. Or to even better it.

Well if anybody happens to be passing through Izmir, Turkey and are searching for a hotel that may possibly give them an experience as such..

I have an option for everyone to consider.

The Renaissance Hotel, Izmir, Turkey.

Where is the Renaissance, Izmir?

Izmir is a city located in Western Turkey, on the Aegean Sea.

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey. It is a VERY old city that has had complicated history throughout it’s many years of existence.

It was founded by the Greeks, taken over by the Romans and then rebuilt by Alexander the Great after which it became part of the Ottoman Empire in the fifteenth century, which forms part of modern day Turkey today.

The beauty about Izmir is that the city is built along the Aegean sea and has a huge promenade throughout the gulf of Izmir.

How do you get to the Renaissance, Izmir?

Izmir has an International Airport served quite well regionally and domestically, although it does not have too many International flights throughout the world.

Connecting through Istanbul though is very simple as there are tons of flights daily between the two cities.

Izmir has a fairly good public transport system in place which consists of buses, trains and taxis.

The Renaissance, Izmir is easily accessible by whichever method suits you best.

I would recommend using the train of which the Cankaya station is a five minute walk away from (and very possible with luggage). The train is connected to Izmir’s airport as well.

Hotel Facts

Renaissance is a Hotel franchise which is part of the Marriott family of hotels, which is the third largest hotel chain in the world.

The Renaissance Izmir is a Five Star, full service hotel located in the heart of Izmir.

There are many different room types available ranging from Deluxe rooms to executive suites.

Check – In

As soon as you enter there are formally dressed staff that will open a door for you as you walk in. There seemed to be about four staff ready to help guests with luggage as soon as you enter.

There were three staff members to check guests in at the check-in counter. I was helped by a friendly lady who first asked me if I am in a hurry, of which I said no. She then took about five minutes to explain all the features of the hotel with the breakfast times and hotel facilities etc.

I was then given my key-card for my room which was on the sixth floor.

The room I had booked was a Junior Suite.

Inside the Hotel Room

The room was very large for a hotel, with an open plan bedroom, seating and dining area. The theme of the whole hotel is dark colours with bright lighting. These are also as the rooms are.

The junior suite has a king sized bed with very comfortable bed linen that’s replaced everyday.

The headboard is designed with a picture of Izmir from many years ago.

Renaissance, Izmir king sized bed in the Junior Suite.

There was a separate dining and seating area with a huge amount of seats as well as many footrests. You could easily accommodate around seven guests at one point in the room, although I think the point of this setup is to have spaced out luxury for two people, in which case it’s done very well.

The feel is extremely luxury, very well spaced out, with stunning decor. The attention to detail to phenomenal. The room is fitted with custom wallpaper, custom carpets and custom furniture as well. Marriott do not play games 😉

There is a separate seating and dining area in the Junior Suite with many footrests.

The seating and dining area in the Junior Suite, Renaissance, Izmir.

You do get a partial sea view of the gulf of Izmir, although the views are the best from the promenade itself and other areas in Izmir. The windows though are quite large and angled in a semi-circle which gives you a very large area and lots of natural light if you leave the curtains open.

View of the Gulf of Izmir from the Junior Suite.

The Bathroom

The bathroom had a separate walk in shower as well as a hot tub and Jacuzzi. Next to that are two basins with mirrors so that two people could wash up at the same time.

The walk in shower and Jacuzzi at the Renaissance, Izmir.

All toiletries are supplied by Bvlgari, which were exceptional. I’m personally not much of a hair shampoo or body moisturizer kind of a person but these were actually the best toiletries that I have ever come across in my life. These are also replaced everyday.

All toiletries are supplied by Bvlgari.

Toiletries supplied by Renaissance, Izmir.

Hotel Facilities

The Renaissance Izmir has 24 hour room service, a restaurant and bar, an indoor pool (that’s heated in winter) an outdoor terrace, a club lounge and entertainment area, a 24 hour fitness center, as well as a spa.

Since the hotel is part of the Marriott portfolio, if you are part of their Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, you can may be entitled to perks like free breakfast, free treatments at the Spa, etc.

Since this is in the heart of Izmir, it’s not exactly a huge hotel, except it’s quite small and well spaced, which is designed well for the amount of people they cater for.

Breakfast is at the Sky Restaurant and bar, which is located on the top floor. This also has an outdoor terrace where there are panoramic views.

The Sky Restaurant and Bar at the Renaissance, Izmir.

The Indoor Pool

Although quite small, the design is stunning! The pool is heated during winter in Izmir. If there are tons of guests, I suppose this design could be a problem. But if not 😉

The Indoor pool at the Renaissance, Izmir.

Cobalt blue is my favorite color, so I don’t really need to comment any further about the walking areas around the hotel 😉

To me, it was a catch about where to spend my time. Almost every corner of this hotel is gorgeous. Outside your hotel room door, are seating areas that are quiet and have these views..

The walking area outside all the hotel rooms at the Renaissance, Izmir.

Hotel Service


Like most Marriott properties, the staff are very well prepared and trained to deal with guests. Every single staff member will greet you, There’s even staff that will knock on your door randomly to offer you light snacks for free.

Ice machines are located near the elevator on each floor.

What else is there to do in the area?

Izmir has so much to offer in terms of attractions! Although it’s in the shadow of Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul. It’s definitely well worth a visit. I will do a separate post on all the attractions in Izmir very soon.

The Izmir promenade is huge and around the whole city of the Gulf of Izmir.

There’s just something about the sunsets in Izmir 😉


Izmir is an easy stop for anyone travelling to Turkey, as well as a great city! And the Renaissance by my opinion is the best hotel in Izmir.

Gorgeous fittings, many facilities and exceptional service make it a great choice for whatever your travel needs may be.

The Renaissance, Izmir. A great experience for me, and I am sure it will be for you as well!

Shuayb Ismail

Shuayb Ismail is an entrepreneur, frequent traveller and athlete with a passion for self-development and improvement.


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